The Perks of Positivity

By Hanna Newman, BYD Co-Owner

My yoga teacher, Mary, sometimes talks about her mentors, one of whom was a mystic. When Mary first started studying with the mystic, she told Mary that she wasn’t allowed to say anything negative for one week. “If people could only see what their words look like,” the mystic said, “they would never say anything mean or hurtful again.” Having heard this story more than once, I decided to give it a try. My husband, Ari, and some of our friends agreed to take on the challenge with me.
     The only thing I really expected was that it’d be difficult to not say anything negative for a week. I was pretty sure I’d slip up a bunch of times, but I was okay with that. I wasn’t anticipating any major, life-altering changes, though. That’s why it was surprising when, on the first day of my challenge, I started to feel physically different. The muscles in my jaw, which had been tight, felt more relaxed. My chronically hunched shoulders were farther from my ears, and I felt a general sense of well-being.
     Attempting this challenge showed me that words have more power than we think. The things we say directly affect us, and those around us. I encourage you to try eliminating the negative words from your life. Even if you try it for a day, you’ll be astounded by the difference it makes.

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