By Hanna Newman, BYD Co-Owner
Recently, a student came up to the front desk before class with a question. She looked a little concerned as she asked, “is it normal to have weird food cravings, like for foods that you don’t usually crave, when you’re practicing more regularly?”
     “Completely,” I responded. “What foods are you craving?”
     “…Crunchy, green things!” she exclaimed. I couldn’t help
     but laugh.
     “You’re craving vegetables? That’s awesome!”
Over the years, I’ve witnessed many yoga practitioners at BYD take small steps toward changing their lives. Not only have I seen people change their diets, but also drop other unhealthy habits. I saw a student quit smoking because he couldn’t stand the way he smelled during class. I’ve even heard of students leaving bad relationships thanks to their yoga practice.
People instinctively avoid change, so what is it about Bikram Yoga that has this effect? In my opinion, these are just people’s responses to how good they feel after taking class. The two times people tend to make changes in their lives are when things are so bad that they have no choice, or so good that they feel like they can do anything. Bikram Yoga is an example of the latter. In addition to physically feeling better, practicing yoga is empowering. The more you practice, the more capable you feel of creating positive change in your life. Don’t just take my word for it, though. I encourage you to come to class a little more often, even if it’s only for a week, and see how it impacts the rest of your life.

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